Layers of Fear PS4: An Atmospheric Horror Game

Layers of Fear PS4- An Atmospheric Horror GameLayers of Fear – PS4

Imagery and setting are powerful tools that an artist will use to connect to their audience. These tools allow the artist to create pieces which convey complex ideas, but are shown in a simplistic style. Layers of Fear, which is heavily inspired by Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, employs its 19th century setting to create atmospheric imagery and a sense of unease as you are put in the perverse mind of an artist who’s become unhinged. Just as a piece of art, Layers of Fear makes use of a minimalist approach to present complex, thought-provoking ideas as the player slowly unravels the mysteries of the game.

The primary mystery of the game is to figure out its narrative and come to an understanding of the events occurring around you. Encouraging curiosity and exploration, Layers of Fear wants the player to put the story together on their own as you work towards finishing the masterwork of the artist. Objects like liquor bottles, jars of paint, newspaper clippings, and personal items are scattered throughout the game; each shedding a layer of mystery surrounding the game’s narrative and its characters. At times, a memory of the artist will trigger and provide the player with further detail as the game gradually pushes you towards the story’s end.

It is this sense of mystery and wonder of the unknown that will lure you into the world in which Layers of Fear resides. Set in an early 19th century home, Layers of Fear has you explore a well-furnished home that is decorated with lavish paintings crafted by well renowned artists – Francisco Goya’s famous work of art Saturn Devouring His Son is one such example. This antiquated environment creates an unnerving feeling as you navigate your way through lengthy hallways, untidy studies, unsettling nurseries, and cluttered family rooms.

Disturbing decor aside, the home isn’t very welcoming as unearthly occurrences continuously ensue putting the player on edge. Whether it is the sound of a distant scream or the melting of a painting as it transforms into a more nightmare inducing image, you’ll never feel completely at ease while walking through the halls and rooms. Suddenly, the doorway behind you vanishes, and a new passageway appears on the once bare walls. You open this new door to discover a room filled with paintings and a lone chair, but on the chair an item that triggers a memory. You reopen the door from which you came only to find that it now opens to a hallway. A sense of nervousness sets in, and you continue to move forward as the craving to discover what revelation is hiding in the next room proves too tempting.

The lure and appeal of Layers of Fear is the exploration of an ever-changing environment as you solve light puzzles, search furniture, progressively paint the full picture the artist has in mind, and come to understand the story. As the title suggests, there are frights one must sustain. Though many are of the jump scare variety, it is the atmosphere and sound effects that give you goosebumps as you anticipate the next scare to occur. As a room morphs into a new hell for the player to experience, it can be tied to the descent into madness that the artist is undergoing.

Given the nature of the game and its linear design, there isn’t much replay value to be found. Each chapter has collectibles to discover that will assist in filling out the story. Although the game is only takes a few hours to complete – most will complete the game within 5-6 hours if actively exploring and searching every cabinet or drawer. Where the game struggles is in its performance. The PS4 version, which this review is based upon, had a fair amount of screen-tearing and some frame-rate drops.

In a world devoid of P.T. – aka Silent Hills, we found Layers of Fear to offer an intriguing take on the horror genre and video game storytelling. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and immerse yourself in the world that Layers of Fear has to offer.

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Street Fighter V (PS4): Ponder Your Fist

Street Fighter V (PS4)- Ponder your fistStreet Fighter V

Update – After finally getting into a decent amount of online matches, the experience is fun when it’s working as intended – unfortunately that isn’t always the case. During the matches played online I was disconnected from the server a few times, noticed some jitters and lag, as well as inexplicable movement like jumping when I was trying to block. I can’t blame the movement entirely on the game as I also can’t claim to be a great Street Fighter player, but when the entirety of the match hangs for a split second, however brief, it affects the match and ultimately the enjoyment. Getting disconnected from the server returns players to the main menu and is yet another experience breaking facet of the game. More frustrating is the fact that a few matches were so painfully choppy that I put the controller down in frustration – letting opponents revel in their perfect victory as my side looked like it was missing entire chunks of the match. Hopefully patching and updates will course correct the game, as it’s somewhat feature barren release is going to hinge on the online adoption of the game, but for now I’m leaving the score as-is. The online experience at launch doesn’t save the game from the issues mentioned below, and doesn’t contribute positively to the end result of Street Fighter V. For those reasons this update is to denote that the score will remain as it is, and I hope Capcom pushes out robust content and patches quickly. Below is the unedited original review from 2/15

Note from the reviewer – Unfortunately for my review experience I was completely unable to test the online environment. As explained below I wasn’t able to get into a match in any online mode over my pre-launch time with the game, I sat in menus for 10 minutes waiting for a match on a few occasions. The furthest I got was going from “waiting for opponent” to “connecting” then immediately back to “waiting for opponent”. As stated in the review this was disappointing to say the least, and most definitely influenced the review and score. I may return to the game and update the score if the online portions are in check and easily accessed, and the shop opens up to reveal some goodies, but for now the score stands as-is for the product and experience I received.

Street Fighter V is a beautiful, technically superb fighting game that does some extremely interesting things to make matches not just fun to play, but also fun to watch. There’s nothing really like seeing a great player of a great game excel in crazy ways. Looking up Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong fights from the past, or any other of the greatest fights in Street Fighter history is some of the most inspiring and instantly respected surfing one can do in the realm of competitive games. Street Fighter V will carry the torch of past entries, and remains a very solid fighting game, however at the time this review goes up, there are still some glaring issues and omissions that are going to factor into your buying decision. And yes, that title is actually a Ryu quote.

Street Fighter V is the latest entry in the fighting community’s mainstay series, and offers up some sizable changes to the formula, as well as some exciting new characters that quickly became my personal favorites. First, the changes, as expertly outlined by Prima, are pretty big. While you and I might not take advantage of the removal of chip damage (chip damage is the small amounts of damage that any attack will do, tactics in past games could have an offensive player doing a combo into a block on purpose, knowing the chip-away would finish their opponent) in the way veterans may, it’s exciting to know that Capcom is looking to mix up gameplay in some interesting ways.

A huge change to the system this time around is the V-Gauge. This varies by fighter, with classics like Ryu gaining abilities like a parry, and others being able to do completely unique attacks or skills. The V-Gauge takes the place of past iterations, and may have two or three bars depending on the fighter. Using your character’s V-Skill and taking damage fills up the V-Gauge, while players can then use their V-Gauge reserves to trigger V-Reversals and V-Triggers. If that all makes sense and is easy enough to follow, experimentation and the trainer are key to learning if you know what you’re doing with not just the bare bone moves, but also the V-variants for each fighter.

Some fighters are offensive, some defensive, some focusing on speed, and others on strength. As should be the case for any fighting game hoping to hit the competitive scene, almost all fighters seem to have their own strengths and weaknesses, and most could counteract another fighter’s attacks in one way or another. My personal favorite in short order was newcomer Rashid, as well as Laura. Rashid wasn’t the first character I trounced through the story with, and honestly was a bit grating with his incessant need to remind you that he loves technology. After getting through his compact story, I found his move set to be incredible, his speed was something I wasn’t sure would be right for me, but the swift movement and strikes using wind/cyclone powers I found that I could utilize his attacks to great effect.

Laura was a character that I truly wanted to like. Her style is great, she’s got a flare that I didn’t feel was present in the rest of the characters, an interesting fighting style and move set, and her personality is something that struck me pretty quickly. A shame it is then that one of her outfits has her chest a bit too bare for any fighting game. I have to blame my feelings of this being a bit weird and just a little gross on also having just played through R. Mika (R is for rainbow) and her story. Mika is essentially Zangief’s apprentice, who wants nothing more than to be partners and impress her comrade. Unfortunately her voice is grating and her costume is downright ridiculous. I tried to give SF V the benefit of the doubt, but these character designs just seemed a bit ridiculous; I actually wanted to find out more about the characters instead of seeing differing parts of their bust spilling out of their costumes. I honestly tried to look beyond it, but it annoyed me to the point of sticking in my head. After going back to Rashid or other male fighters it didn’t matter, and yeah hot Ryu is a thing, but he’s not in a banana hammock or having part of his never-you-mind peek out of some shorts (which would bother me just as much, if not more).

The story and other modes in Street Fighter V are fairly varied and interesting, providing plenty of options for the player hoping to mix things up. The story vignettes can only really be described as that, or teasers. Each one is anywhere from 2-4 fights, and don’t seem to be terribly challenging. Playing through each one gave a bit of background on the fighters, their relationships with each other, and portions of their journey (poor Birdie gets just destroyed by almost everyone). It’s neat to see the variety, but the brevity of each little experience was a turn off – there’s no real closure to the tales, and only provides something of a prologue to each fighter’s motivations. Capcom has stated that in June 2016 players will get the “cinematic story expansion” which should flesh things out and will come as a free update to all players, but if you’re looking for a compelling narrative or background as to what Nash has been up to, you’ll be left wanting until June at least. It’s worth mentioning that my above comments about Laura were in regards to her Story mode outfits, which aren’t available as player choices to select in Versus until after launch (March according to Capcom), and her current selection is much more fitting, both for the character and the game.

If you’re wanting to take the fight to players online, you’ve got the option for Ranked Match, Casual Match or Battle Lounge. Ranked and Casual matches being just what they sound like, and Battle Lounge being a lounge or lobby style, where you can jump in and fight players in said lobby. This was hands down the most frustrating part of my time with Street Fighter V. When launching the game, players will select their home region (country) and fighter ID, then get into the action. After having my ID and region reset four separate times (losing all XP and Fight Money gained) I was a little miffed at having to start all over, but figured I would jump online to earn some LP and see how I stacked up. I thought maybe if I could even win a fight or two I’d call it a win on the whole and take my 1-3598 record and call it a day. Unfortunately that day never came.

I tried, and I wish I could say that the online experience in Casual, Ranked, and Battle Lounge matches was a blast. I wish I could say that, but I can’t comment either way; I never got into a single online match. Perpetual spinning of the dial, “waiting for opponent” prompts, and failed connection messages plagued the pre-release environment. While Capcom sent word they were preparing a patch to servers for improvements and preparation for the launch, it’s still worrisome that over multiple days not a single match was found. This is mostly disappointing because for the first time in years, I wanted to play a fighting game online, and was ready to get dealt a beating, but thought it’d be fun to see what it was like. I’ll probably still go back, but it’s just not the first impression you want a game making, and could permanently turn off players on the fence much like I was.

In addition to the Online, Story, and Trainer modes, players can go up in Survival – a ten round affair available for each player and at multiple difficulties[edit: survival mode at differing difficulties has more rounds]. Survival mode rounds end with a choice for the players where they can spend points earned to recover health, V-Gauge fills, and more. Each time players complete a characters leg they’ll unlock some sort of costume variant – same result as beating their stories. These variants are in color only, but typically mix things up enough to be a bit of fun, but also not rewards that really feel all that special.

The game is getting a bevy of upgrades, patches and releases post-launch – which if we’re being optimistic could be a sign that Capcom plans to support the game for a while. Capcom is putting out six new characters who can be unlocked via in-game currency (the publisher claims this is earned free of charge or player purchase) called Fight Money. Zenny is another currency in the game which can indeed be purchased with your hard earned real-money in the shop, but wasn’t available pre-launch to report on pricing. Also omitted but slated to come down the pipe are Spectator Mode, Challenge Mode, and Daily Challenges – the latter two coming in March with Spectator Mode only hinted at as “soon after launch”. The online woes and missing modes for the time being are frustrating but can’t go without the mention that Capcom will be piping in a deal of content over the next year. While it’s easy to say that this could fix things and make it a truly impeccable package and example of fan/audience service, I can’t judge the game on things that have not happened yet.

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Playing E-Game Tournaments

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Writing About the games

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Google Play Gaming Apps

Google Play Gaming AppsThese days, life is by no means easy. A tight schedule is what almost everyone has to live by. Hence, there is always this dire necessity of a break of few minutes. Sometimes. All one wants to do is play games. They choose this over watching television and reading books. In this situation, games cause more worries than beating the stress. So it is important to leave away from tensions and to play those easy stress busters.

There are plenty of games in the market. Your task is to just download the app in order to play it. You can simply need to go and download it and your task is done. It will take more than a few minutes to download these apps. You can choose from the huge array of apps that is made available to you. There is something for everyone in it. These games have proved to be the best of stress busters. So don’t think so long and hard in order to play one of these games. Download as many apps as you like and enjoy you games and play level after level on some games and act towards beating your stress, tension, frustration completely. These apps relax you like no other.

As the need of mobile game apps development has exploded, thanks to the addictive nature of the games and widespread acceptance of playing games on the mobile. Million of games applications have been and are being developed for different smartphones and among them, Android has a lion’s share. These days Android is highly popular among other device makers and users alike. All credit goes to Google for bringing such a smart and flexible technology. In the coming days, Google Play Games roll out the features that let players record footage of their android games like voice and videos. While you can also use Google Play Games instead of Youtube gaming, recording involves launching the app, selecting a game to record, choosing your screen capture resolution and taking into your phone or tablet’s front-facing camera. With the advancement of technology you can streaming anything life, so that players can capture their game, clip the section they want with the app’s basic editing options and then upload it to YouTube.

All in all, Google play gaming apps is Google’s central hub for Android games. Simply being a library of installed titles and a gaming- specific version of the play store. It helps to show achievements and leader-boards and users can find matches for multiplayer games and displays friends profiles. In addition, with the Play Games app, you can discover new games and play games you love on you Android device. You can also use the app to track achievements, compete on leader-boards and connect with friends around the world in multiplayer games.

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Hawaii – Hawaii holidays can both be relaxing and adventurous as there are amazing beaches with clear blue waters. It is a state having numerous islands. Hawaii itself is known to be Big Island while others are known as Molokai, Maui, Lanai, Kauai, and Oahu. With these six islands there are about 80 beaches with different level of water and different water games to enjoy. Among the various games includes water sailing, sailplane rides, sailing, etc. Keep in mind that escort vacations are not legal in Hawaii.

France – While France is a world’s famous destination for travelers and especially for honeymooners. The famous Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the main attractions of the tourists and couples. Also there are some historical places like museums, monuments and art galleries, which reflect the cultural side of France. There are two twin cities Lyon and Marseille that also reflect the historical as well as the modern side of the country. Europe is very liberal, so you can find some erotic or escort vacations.

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Best Android Games

The Android market place has many wonderful games to select from and choosing the best paid out Android video games is often a mammoth task. The majority of applications and video games obtainable while marketplace are no cost of cost and this is one thing that Google normally requires good pride in. But there are several options offered inside compensated video games group too. There are many people around the world, who are immune to Apple iPhone fever and are quite happy with their Android phones. As with time more and more technology is booming, the developers are coming up with interesting applications for Google’s Android operating system.

If you are also want to spice up your device with interesting games, then you are on the right place that provide you brief information about Android games that a gamer should install on his/her Android phone. There are certain aspects of the games which might be overlooked in the trial version and you can also buy the full version of these lovely games. With a slow and steady approach, the Google Android OS has gradually built up on their gaming library. Though Apple is still the king in the gaming world but the Android users will have some action packed games in their device too.

The Kung Fu Tiger, this game is the type of jumping game, which in this game you play as a master tiger and reached to make high score. The first impression you have in this game is that it can be seen from the background pretty interesting game with cute characters. It is the game of timing and accuracy of your control to the highest limit. This game looks easy at the beginning level, but the faster you finish the mission, there will be many types of levels with the higher challenge and also make it difficult for you.

Functionality :

The control of this game is easy enough with the help of left and right buttons to move the ninja tiger with one button for jump. Basically in this game you can be only assigned to jump high to reach your destination. This game is really interesting to be played. Some gamer like to play this kind of games because it is simple and easy to be play and offers a lot of interesting features that can make you addicted. In terms of graphics, this game uses 2D Graphics display and cute look of the game as well as a background character in the game. This game is also equipped with a sound that interesting to be able to make this game fun to play. If you are interested in playing this game, you can download it on google play for free.

Best Mobile Games 2015

The Google Play store has lots of things to offer their users this year and for the next years to come. It is filled with Android games, but not all are worth your time downloading. In this article, you will find some of the best and worthwhile Android games for your smartphone and tablets. Monthly, there are new games coming out and most of them are hot enough to keep you playing for hours.

Some of the best mobile games 2015 android apps

Speed Ninja

This is a ninja game that will make your adrenaline rush. As you play the game, there will be a ninja running across the screen fighting with the enemies with the help of the fireballs and the swords as well. This is a never ending running game that will make you pay so much attention to what is going on across the screens on both direction to win and to also gather the coins. If there are enough number of coins, you can purchase more weapons. It has good graphics and very challenging levels. You can check on this game on mobogenie.

Star Wars: uprising

If you are a fan of Star Wars, then you will surely love this game. You will fight over the empire. You have a part wherein you will join the sector battles, be able to make your own character and then play real time. You can also check on this on mobogenie.

The Spiderman Unlimited

This is a mixture of the famous Spiderman game with nonstop running that made it like a real match. The Spiderman wings will spread through the NYC streets, climb the high rising buildings and continue the battles with Doc Ock. The Green Goblin and the host of other baddies coming from the Spiderman universe is just another well-made title from Gameloft, which is the maker of the game. The graphics are very persuading and they were perfectly made with 3d designed levels.


If you enjoyed playing the Mirror’s Edge, you must be at home with the Vector. It highlights the see through protagonist with a flair for Parkour, on the run in a totalitarian city. The animations are very good along with the characters and their movements that look like real humans.

Implosion: Never lose hope

Implosion: Never lose hope is very much polished when it comes to the graphics and to the gameplay. This is a 3rd person action game that will make you fight over the enemies in style that is known as the Gold of War or Devil May Cry. The graphics of this game are very good and you will also find epic boss battles. The first mission can be played for free, but in the succeeding levels, you will be required to pay $9.99, which is reasonable enough for this type of game. This is by far one of the best mobile games 2015 android apps.

Educational Games for Kids

Before internet became so common, parents used to provide their kids with different types of puzzles that would help them in their early development. In the contemporary times, the world is witnessing a paradigm shift in each and every walk of human life, and even traditional puzzles and games have also hit the cyberspace. It is imperative for parents also be extra particular about these massive structural changes occurring in the society around them, and must encourage their young ones to take part in the puzzles and games online. In this writing piece, you will get a chance to read about the salient benefits of online educational games, particularly in the early development of children.

Cognitive advantages:

When your kids try to bring together the pieces of a puzzle or give a try to match the numbers or colors, they simply start sharpening and polishing their skills. Continuous improvement in the cognitive skills help kids make out the world around them in a practically better way. Strong cognitive capabilities enable children to sharpen their memory also. When a kid gives it a try to remember different types of shapes and colors, his or her brain is getting trained for the ability to focus, grab, grasp and retain the things for longer times. There are renowned websites for children that have partnership with companies to develop educational games for kids.

Emotional Advantages:

Having patience and setting goals are two highly crucial emotional skills that educational games teach your kids. When involved in a game or a puzzle, a child sets a target to solve it within a fixed timeframe. In this emotionally charged and stimulating environ, a child has to create a strategy to produce a result and this is the reason he or she prepares himself or herself mentally to do the job. Setting goals prepares a child for combating all the challenges of future life. Actually, the e-learning content development companies design and develop these stuffs in a highly creative way so that a longer involvement and engagement of kids in the games and puzzles can be ensured.

Physical advantages

Educational games, even in their virtual form, have an extremely positive impact upon the children. It may give you a strange feel because playing games on computers does not involve any kind of physical activity. Actually, solving puzzles and playing creative games online helps a child develop a powerful and long-lasting internal relationship between their hands, brain and eyes. It not only helps give a boost to the speed of their brain but also enables a child swifter to react. The well-coordinated connection between hands and eyes always leaves a very much everlasting impact upon how a child gives reaction instinctively.

Therefore, next time when your kid raises his/her voice for an online game, you just hand over an educational game to him or her. The educational games being designed and developed these days will not make your child feel that the kid is doing all those things to learn something.