10 Responsible Gaming Tips For Online Bingo Players

Let’s face it, when it comes to gambling, online bingo is considered to be on the softer side when compared to poker and other popular casino games.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice responsible gambling playing your favorite bingo games online.

So, how can you enjoy the excitement of online bingo in a fun and safe way? Well here are some tips we’ve put together to help you out:

Try and establish limits for purchasing, wagering and even losses before you begin playing
If you notice gambling interfering with your daily responsibilities, back away
Try to avoid alcoholic beverages while you play online. Excessive alcohol will certainly dull the senses and cause you to make choices that you wouldn’t make otherwise.
Remember gambling is not a quick way to riches or any means of recouping your debt
Never chase losses. If you lose money, it’s best to walk away. Trying to get back what you lost increases your chance of getting a bigger hole
Keep track of time. This is more important for none bingo games like video slots where you can loose track of time quickly. By keeping taps on the length of time you’re playing, you can tell how long it takes you to lose a certain amount of money. If you lose what you can afford to lose in the first hour, it’s probably time to go home.
Be sure to take the sample 20 questionnaire on the Gamblers Anonymous website
If you’re stressed and depressed don’t escape to gambling. Instead take up new hobbies that help you get out of the house more often and learn new traits.
If you play bingo online, try to join sites with your friends and be open with each other and make a pack that you practice responsible gaming together.
Always quite while you’re ahead.

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Responsible Gaming

It doesn’t matter what activity we are participating in, we should show responsibility at all times. Casino gaming is one of the activities and one that can cause much harm and damage to our lives, our families and our friends; not just ourselves.

Responsible gaming is an essential part of every gamer’s life. It should be taken into strict consideration prior to playing slots, blackjack, poker and the like. The question should always arise – can I afford this? Blowing off money that can’t be afforded or even worse a complete house is bad news!

I was once told a tale of a casino worker. This casino worker wasn’t just someone I knew of, she was a relative with a hidden secret. Her secret was hidden even from her husband. Trusted friends and her other close relatives did know. After work she would hit the slot machines. Most weeks she would get credit, by the time pay day came all her pay was gone. She substituted her pay by getting credit cards to hide the missing pay from her husband, soon these credit cards totalled over 50 thousand dollars! She was to get horrid news that she either paid it back or they were ceasing the family home. She became more then stressed and in-fact suffered a stroke which may have partially been caused by this high amount of stress. She spoke to a family member who helped ease the burden of paying back the money. She works till this day, she is almost 70.

Responsible gaming laws restrict the credit of money to gamers. This is a one off case (although there are many in theory). They also pursue those who appear to be spending over their budget. When it comes to online gaming it is a different story. Online gaming sites do not have the ability to check what you are spending and who you are. It is more than important for you to read the responsible gaming information which is in general provided by every online gaming site and PROTECT YOURSELF.

Gaming can become addictive; some people do not have the will to stop themselves. You should ask yourself if you are one of these people. Many gamers gamble as their chosen field, online gaming is their income. Other gamers do some casual online gaming as a bit of fun. Some gamers however do it despite their continual losing streaks due to their addiction.

If you cannot be a responsible gamer, if gaming is getting to you financially, emotionally and sometimes even physically, if gaming is destroying your life, finances and your relationships then you should take immediate action. There are many places that aid people who are no longer responsibly gamers. Places who counsel include gamblers help lines and gamblers anonymous online poker sites do have contacts in their responsible gaming sections if you need help. Please read the necessary information on your chosen gaming website. It is an important gaming aspect.Don’t let gaming ruin your life. Be a responsible gamer!

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Online Gaming: Stressed Or Distressed

Online Gaming is a major industry today. With the massive improvements in gaming technology and easy availability, the spectrum of online gaming is fast advancing. What is happening right now is that all aspects of the industry economy, like supply, demand, revenue, marketing etc are moving forward at a rapid pace. Every day new games are being released and there are a zillion websites that deal with online gaming in some way or other.
There are many different kinds of games. If one were to categorize them then an approximate classification would be as follows
-Puzzles or Strategy games
-Racing games
-FPS or First Person Shooter games
-Gambling/Adult games
-Massively multiplayer online games
There is also an ongoing debate about the impact online gaming has on people life, with the gaming community insisting that online gaming has multiple benefits and people who see it as a dangerous addiction shouting out the apparent damage that online gaming does to its users. Let us analyze certain characteristics of online gaming and see if the claims of either side hold up.
The biggest concern regarding people who play online games is the risk of them getting addicted to the games. It must be said that like many other activities, online games too have a potential to be addictive andits up to the user to control this aspect. However, with the evolution of the gaming industry, it is becoming clearer that more and more people are spending a large part of their lives playing games online and because it is such an engaging activity they do not even realize that they are getting addicted. News of people falling seriously sick because of abstaining from sleep or rest for a day at a stretch is not rare anymore.
Online games have proven themselves to be beneficial in developing quick thinking and decision making abilities. It is said that people who play strategy and shooter games regularly can react and make decision much faster than people who do not play such games. Puzzle games and games that involve lot of strategy do have benefits of increased activity in parts of the brain that are responsible for critical thinking. This has beneficial results in the long term in the same manner as that of people who play chess and memory games have minimized potential for acquiring memory diseases.
Social isolation is one of the most debated aspects of online gaming. While the majority opinion revolves around the belief that gamers tend to isolate themselves from any kind of real world contact and get stuck to playing games in a virtual environment all day long, the gaming community rebuffs the notion saying that online gamers in fact interact with a lot of people the world over, people they wouldn’t have met if not for the game. Whether you consider people in a virtual world as society’ will decide if you go with the argument or not.
While it is true that brain stimulating games have certain advantages, it is also true that persistent gamers tend to lack any kind of physical activity in their lives and are on the path to obesity due to all the hours spent on the couch.
Aggressive, misogynist, violent behavior is a frequently quoted aspect of online gaming. There have been well documented concerns about the time spent in these unrealistic virtual worlds negatively affecting young adults. Certain game communities are notorious because of their bad behaviour even though there are steps being taken to bring in more civility to the gaming world.
Online games are a wonderful leisure activity and with a little precaution from the users themselves, it can also be as safe as its rewarding. For now, there seems to be no stopping the gaming industry and its patrons.

Proven Ways That You Can Improve Your Video Gaming

The world of video gaming can be a dangerous place; what evil lurks behind every corner is yours to discover and conquer! This article can help you gain valuable help by offering tips, tricks and helpful hints. Keep reading to learn more.

Make sure your graphic drivers are updated on a regular basis. If you play video games on your computer, then you probably want the picture to be very clear. To have the best picture, you must have state-of-the-art graphic drivers. See what your graphic drivers you have by going to your device manager and then to “display adapters”. You can go to the manufacturer’s website and see if there are updates available.

Nowadays, many popular video games come with options to add downloadable content, or DLC. These are mostly bonuses and game expansions that you need to pay money to access. While you may want to purchase a game that you really like, make sure you pay attention the price. Sometimes, purchasing DLC could cause one game’s price to double or triple!

Consider playing video games together with your kids. Video games are a fun activity to participate in with your kids. Additionally, it’s good for you to see a video game all the way through to be sure it’s really appropriate.

Always ensure that you are using the proper equipment for each game you play. Sometimes it takes more than a console and controller! Read the box or online description very carefully and know whether you will need special controls to play. This lets you plan ahead so that you will everything you need for the game.

Get to know the content and safety settings for each gaming console in your household. You can often use them to ensure kids don’t see things they shouldn’t. You might even be able to personalize the individual settings for each user profile, so that everyone can enjoy themselves without compromise to the kids.

The better your descriptions of your used games online, the more apt they will be to sell quickly. This includes the condition of the game, how the game plays, and the manufacturers description. Anyone who purchases this from you would like to be aware of these important details. You will sell you items more easily if you have thorough descriptions.

You should play just a hour or two in a day. There is no denying the addictive nature of gaming, and you do not want to develop a problem. Limit your gaming time to two or three hours a day. If you are spending more time than that playing, you must be sure to break regularly.

Make your screen brighter if you can. Games set in dark caverns and abandoned warehouses may have great ambiance, but your game play can severely suffer. You might not see your enemy if you do not alter the color configuration when playing in the dark. The quality of the video doesn’t matter if you can’t play right! Turn the brightness up. Brightness will allow you to see clearly.

You will have a great time and be able to kick back and relax by playing video games. You can learn new skills and gain a feeling of accomplishment. Or, you can just have a ton of fun. Whatever types of games you want to play, use this article to help you the next time you play!

Cheap Gaming Laptops With Latest Technical Specifications Now Available Online

As the fondness for high definitions games keeps on increasing on an unprecedented scale it, the demand for buying an affordable gaming laptop is also on the increase. Since time immemorial men and women of all age brackets especially youngsters have been fond of playing video games. As technology gets more and more sophisticated people around the world are getting fonder of buying cheap gaming laptops.

According to recent reports cheap Gaming Laptops continue to grow in popularity and fame all thanks to the continued growth of video games in this century. In this age of technology every individual wishes to have the freedom to play their favourite games wherever and whenever they wish to. Many mobile companies have launched different gaming applications for smart phones but still nothing can be compared to the feel of paying your favourite game on a larger and wider screen such as that of a notebook. Online stores selling laptops online re coming up with various kinds of offers these days.

Working professional like to relax themselves or de-stress themselves by playing games on their notebooks while they travel or go to any local coffee shop. Therefore, the demand for cheap gaming laptops increased in the market in leaps and bounds. Every individual today wishes to have a notebook which they can carry wherever they want to. People fond of gaming, need to find notebooks which can run their favourite games smoothly. Online users should be extremely cautious while purchasing any laptop from an online store.

Here are some useful tips especially formulated for online users who prefer to buy a laptop from online stores as they are able to get a cheap deal:

1. Never ever compromise on brand name; always remember that branded products hold much more credibility than non branded products. Every individual should go in for electronic devices that are manufactured by well known companies. A good brand name assures durability, genuine parts and extended technical and customer support.

2. Before buying any laptop online for the purpose of gaming always take a look at the processor that is being offered. A gaming laptop needs a fast and powerful processor; this is the minimum requirement, so that the user gets a smoother gaming experience. Just like the engine runs the train it is the processor which is responsible for the gaming experience a user would get. Make sure that the laptop you choose meets the recommended level give by the game.

3. All cheap gaming laptops that are available on the internet do not necessarily have a good vide card. But well known companies that offer cheap gaming laptops ensure to install a high performance video card in order to give the user an enhanced gaming experience.

If any online user uses the above give tips, he or she will definitely be able to land up saving up money and also buying the best product. Here’s another tip from the author, if one really wishes to save money, the online user can save money on sound card, unless and until one plans to play the game on speakers, investing money in an expensive sound card is useless. So it is always better to do a bit of market research before finally buying a laptop from an online website or e commerce store.

Playing Nice Online Gaming

No, it isn’t Ms. Manners to the rescue, nor is it Polite Polly knocking at your noggin. We just know how easy it is to get frustrated or even angry while playing a difficult game, but if we’re not careful, that anger and frustration could lead to some butt-ugly moments during a time that’s supposed to be amusing. The following is offered in an effort to keep everything fun and entertaining during a session of group play.

1. Encourage each other. Even if you’re competing with each other in a boxing match or car race, take time out to congratulate another player for making a smooth or cunning move. There’s no need to be a kiss-up, but when tensions are high, and the desire to impress is high, you can help relax any stress just by throwing out a few compliments here and there.

2. Be patient. Your gaming comrades may not be as fast, as coordinated, or as smart as you. So when you notice your regular game pace slowing down, don’t criticize. You could quietly plan your next move or you could offer to help if you notice that your buddies seem lost. This will encourage cooperation and relive some of the stress involved with playing a difficult game.

3. Take some breaks. Permitting that your group finds appropriate places in a game to pause, take advantage and get up to stretch, snack, use the john, talk about school, or catch a few silly commercials on television. A long stretch of game play is tiring and stressful at the same time.

4. Play an inclusive game. By that we mean to make efforts to ensure everyone in the group contributes to the game’s completion. You never want to make another person feel left out or just hanging around to fill the space. Create opportunities for everyone involved to participate and help play.

5. Listen to others. You may think that you know all the answers about a game or game system, but listen to what others in the group have to say. You just might learn something new.

6. Invite the “weird guy.” This bit of advice of course comes after the horrid Virginia Tech massacre. Tales circulating this news event indicate that the young man responsible was a loner and the victim of bullying during his teenage years as well. Sometimes, all it takes to prevent things like this is a simple effort to reach out to someone. We’re not suggesting that an invitation to a gaming party would have saved the lives of 33+ college students, but we are suggesting that making an effort to make others feel welcome and wanted is a huge step towards eliminating the isolation known to cause these kinds of senseless acts.

7. Vow to keep the voice level and cursing to a minimum. That almost goes without saying, but to prevent arguments, agree beforehand to not cross the line when it comes to debating about a particular strategy or selecting a game to play. Some of the most serious fights stem from the silliest arguments. But you can prevent a flare up within your group just by maintaining a cool composure during the entire session.

Now see? That’s not too bad a list. All the things that we suggested are certainly “do-able” and they really do work to create a calm and enjoyable environment. Even you can use it in all online games and video games by using PS3, xbox, or nintendo.

A Gaming Laptop For A Hardcore Gamer

Are you interested in finding a sleek gaming laptop? Do you feel like your old computer can’t measure up to modern technology? If the answer to either of these two questions is yes, then perhaps you might be interested to find out a little bit more on the subject. After all, we all like to play games on your computers and especially on one that is highly performant.

When it comes to the alienware laptop, you have a great number of features available including system customization, amazing processing power and genuinely high resolution. You can install any of the present-day game and run them with all of their details at maximum speed. That’s right. There are no games that can be subscribed as demanding one you have a gaming laptop. The processor works perfectly, the graphics will impress without doubt and the resolution is just what you needed for a real playing experience.

An alienware laptop is a great computer to possess, especially as it has a powerful graphics card destined to make every game work just the way you want to. You can go online and read about the graphic abilities of a gaming laptop, discovering all about NVIDIA Ge Force and similar items. As you can certainly understand, notebooks are not destined anymore just for business and office applications. A gaming laptop can be carried anywhere in the world and some of the greatest games in the world can be installed on it. They have amazing features and provide the user with top-quality image resolutions.

The processor is perhaps one of the most important elements you should consider when it comes to purchasing a gaming laptop. It guarantees the functioning speed but it also responsible of the audio and video system. Thanks to the innovations in the field, one can enjoy today alienware laptop products that have groundbreaking processors. That means that multitasking does not consume all of your computer’s resources, which is great. You can play all the games you want without worrying about your laptop running down on you. And most importantly, you can operate the gaming laptop on battery, the efficiency level being just as high.

Online, you find out cool updates and innovations for an alienware laptop, taking delight in all the steps involved with improving your gaming experience. The notebook that you select has all the features that guarantee flexibility and increased functionality. A second hard drive, wireless Internet connection, high-definition viewing and real time playing represent just few of the great things a gaming laptop is equipped with. Joined together, these make up for what can only be described as the most amazing playing opportunity of all times!

As a general conclusion, when thinking about buying an alienware laptop, take into consideration the graphics card, processor, memory and display. Perform a complete search before you take a final decision and make sure you’ve thought things through. Don’t choose the first gaming laptop you see. Find the best one that is out there and prepare yourself for a really exciting journey!

Layers of Fear PS4: An Atmospheric Horror Game

Layers of Fear PS4- An Atmospheric Horror GameLayers of Fear – PS4

Imagery and setting are powerful tools that an artist will use to connect to their audience. These tools allow the artist to create pieces which convey complex ideas, but are shown in a simplistic style. Layers of Fear, which is heavily inspired by Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, employs its 19th century setting to create atmospheric imagery and a sense of unease as you are put in the perverse mind of an artist who’s become unhinged. Just as a piece of art, Layers of Fear makes use of a minimalist approach to present complex, thought-provoking ideas as the player slowly unravels the mysteries of the game.

The primary mystery of the game is to figure out its narrative and come to an understanding of the events occurring around you. Encouraging curiosity and exploration, Layers of Fear wants the player to put the story together on their own as you work towards finishing the masterwork of the artist. Objects like liquor bottles, jars of paint, newspaper clippings, and personal items are scattered throughout the game; each shedding a layer of mystery surrounding the game’s narrative and its characters. At times, a memory of the artist will trigger and provide the player with further detail as the game gradually pushes you towards the story’s end.

It is this sense of mystery and wonder of the unknown that will lure you into the world in which Layers of Fear resides. Set in an early 19th century home, Layers of Fear has you explore a well-furnished home that is decorated with lavish paintings crafted by well renowned artists – Francisco Goya’s famous work of art Saturn Devouring His Son is one such example. This antiquated environment creates an unnerving feeling as you navigate your way through lengthy hallways, untidy studies, unsettling nurseries, and cluttered family rooms.

Disturbing decor aside, the home isn’t very welcoming as unearthly occurrences continuously ensue putting the player on edge. Whether it is the sound of a distant scream or the melting of a painting as it transforms into a more nightmare inducing image, you’ll never feel completely at ease while walking through the halls and rooms. Suddenly, the doorway behind you vanishes, and a new passageway appears on the once bare walls. You open this new door to discover a room filled with paintings and a lone chair, but on the chair an item that triggers a memory. You reopen the door from which you came only to find that it now opens to a hallway. A sense of nervousness sets in, and you continue to move forward as the craving to discover what revelation is hiding in the next room proves too tempting.

The lure and appeal of Layers of Fear is the exploration of an ever-changing environment as you solve light puzzles, search furniture, progressively paint the full picture the artist has in mind, and come to understand the story. As the title suggests, there are frights one must sustain. Though many are of the jump scare variety, it is the atmosphere and sound effects that give you goosebumps as you anticipate the next scare to occur. As a room morphs into a new hell for the player to experience, it can be tied to the descent into madness that the artist is undergoing.

Given the nature of the game and its linear design, there isn’t much replay value to be found. Each chapter has collectibles to discover that will assist in filling out the story. Although the game is only takes a few hours to complete – most will complete the game within 5-6 hours if actively exploring and searching every cabinet or drawer. Where the game struggles is in its performance. The PS4 version, which this review is based upon, had a fair amount of screen-tearing and some frame-rate drops.

In a world devoid of P.T. – aka Silent Hills, we found Layers of Fear to offer an intriguing take on the horror genre and video game storytelling. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and immerse yourself in the world that Layers of Fear has to offer.

Street Fighter V (PS4): Ponder Your Fist

Street Fighter V (PS4)- Ponder your fistStreet Fighter V

Update – After finally getting into a decent amount of online matches, the experience is fun when it’s working as intended – unfortunately that isn’t always the case. During the matches played online I was disconnected from the server a few times, noticed some jitters and lag, as well as inexplicable movement like jumping when I was trying to block. I can’t blame the movement entirely on the game as I also can’t claim to be a great Street Fighter player, but when the entirety of the match hangs for a split second, however brief, it affects the match and ultimately the enjoyment. Getting disconnected from the server returns players to the main menu and is yet another experience breaking facet of the game. More frustrating is the fact that a few matches were so painfully choppy that I put the controller down in frustration – letting opponents revel in their perfect victory as my side looked like it was missing entire chunks of the match. Hopefully patching and updates will course correct the game, as it’s somewhat feature barren release is going to hinge on the online adoption of the game, but for now I’m leaving the score as-is. The online experience at launch doesn’t save the game from the issues mentioned below, and doesn’t contribute positively to the end result of Street Fighter V. For those reasons this update is to denote that the score will remain as it is, and I hope Capcom pushes out robust content and patches quickly. Below is the unedited original review from 2/15

Note from the reviewer – Unfortunately for my review experience I was completely unable to test the online environment. As explained below I wasn’t able to get into a match in any online mode over my pre-launch time with the game, I sat in menus for 10 minutes waiting for a match on a few occasions. The furthest I got was going from “waiting for opponent” to “connecting” then immediately back to “waiting for opponent”. As stated in the review this was disappointing to say the least, and most definitely influenced the review and score. I may return to the game and update the score if the online portions are in check and easily accessed, and the shop opens up to reveal some goodies, but for now the score stands as-is for the product and experience I received.

Street Fighter V is a beautiful, technically superb fighting game that does some extremely interesting things to make matches not just fun to play, but also fun to watch. There’s nothing really like seeing a great player of a great game excel in crazy ways. Looking up Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong fights from the past, or any other of the greatest fights in Street Fighter history is some of the most inspiring and instantly respected surfing one can do in the realm of competitive games. Street Fighter V will carry the torch of past entries, and remains a very solid fighting game, however at the time this review goes up, there are still some glaring issues and omissions that are going to factor into your buying decision. And yes, that title is actually a Ryu quote.

Street Fighter V is the latest entry in the fighting community’s mainstay series, and offers up some sizable changes to the formula, as well as some exciting new characters that quickly became my personal favorites. First, the changes, as expertly outlined by Prima, are pretty big. While you and I might not take advantage of the removal of chip damage (chip damage is the small amounts of damage that any attack will do, tactics in past games could have an offensive player doing a combo into a block on purpose, knowing the chip-away would finish their opponent) in the way veterans may, it’s exciting to know that Capcom is looking to mix up gameplay in some interesting ways.

A huge change to the system this time around is the V-Gauge. This varies by fighter, with classics like Ryu gaining abilities like a parry, and others being able to do completely unique attacks or skills. The V-Gauge takes the place of past iterations, and may have two or three bars depending on the fighter. Using your character’s V-Skill and taking damage fills up the V-Gauge, while players can then use their V-Gauge reserves to trigger V-Reversals and V-Triggers. If that all makes sense and is easy enough to follow, experimentation and the trainer are key to learning if you know what you’re doing with not just the bare bone moves, but also the V-variants for each fighter.

Some fighters are offensive, some defensive, some focusing on speed, and others on strength. As should be the case for any fighting game hoping to hit the competitive scene, almost all fighters seem to have their own strengths and weaknesses, and most could counteract another fighter’s attacks in one way or another. My personal favorite in short order was newcomer Rashid, as well as Laura. Rashid wasn’t the first character I trounced through the story with, and honestly was a bit grating with his incessant need to remind you that he loves technology. After getting through his compact story, I found his move set to be incredible, his speed was something I wasn’t sure would be right for me, but the swift movement and strikes using wind/cyclone powers I found that I could utilize his attacks to great effect.

Laura was a character that I truly wanted to like. Her style is great, she’s got a flare that I didn’t feel was present in the rest of the characters, an interesting fighting style and move set, and her personality is something that struck me pretty quickly. A shame it is then that one of her outfits has her chest a bit too bare for any fighting game. I have to blame my feelings of this being a bit weird and just a little gross on also having just played through R. Mika (R is for rainbow) and her story. Mika is essentially Zangief’s apprentice, who wants nothing more than to be partners and impress her comrade. Unfortunately her voice is grating and her costume is downright ridiculous. I tried to give SF V the benefit of the doubt, but these character designs just seemed a bit ridiculous; I actually wanted to find out more about the characters instead of seeing differing parts of their bust spilling out of their costumes. I honestly tried to look beyond it, but it annoyed me to the point of sticking in my head. After going back to Rashid or other male fighters it didn’t matter, and yeah hot Ryu is a thing, but he’s not in a banana hammock or having part of his never-you-mind peek out of some shorts (which would bother me just as much, if not more).

The story and other modes in Street Fighter V are fairly varied and interesting, providing plenty of options for the player hoping to mix things up. The story vignettes can only really be described as that, or teasers. Each one is anywhere from 2-4 fights, and don’t seem to be terribly challenging. Playing through each one gave a bit of background on the fighters, their relationships with each other, and portions of their journey (poor Birdie gets just destroyed by almost everyone). It’s neat to see the variety, but the brevity of each little experience was a turn off – there’s no real closure to the tales, and only provides something of a prologue to each fighter’s motivations. Capcom has stated that in June 2016 players will get the “cinematic story expansion” which should flesh things out and will come as a free update to all players, but if you’re looking for a compelling narrative or background as to what Nash has been up to, you’ll be left wanting until June at least. It’s worth mentioning that my above comments about Laura were in regards to her Story mode outfits, which aren’t available as player choices to select in Versus until after launch (March according to Capcom), and her current selection is much more fitting, both for the character and the game.

If you’re wanting to take the fight to players online, you’ve got the option for Ranked Match, Casual Match or Battle Lounge. Ranked and Casual matches being just what they sound like, and Battle Lounge being a lounge or lobby style, where you can jump in and fight players in said lobby. This was hands down the most frustrating part of my time with Street Fighter V. When launching the game, players will select their home region (country) and fighter ID, then get into the action. After having my ID and region reset four separate times (losing all XP and Fight Money gained) I was a little miffed at having to start all over, but figured I would jump online to earn some LP and see how I stacked up. I thought maybe if I could even win a fight or two I’d call it a win on the whole and take my 1-3598 record and call it a day. Unfortunately that day never came.

I tried, and I wish I could say that the online experience in Casual, Ranked, and Battle Lounge matches was a blast. I wish I could say that, but I can’t comment either way; I never got into a single online match. Perpetual spinning of the dial, “waiting for opponent” prompts, and failed connection messages plagued the pre-release environment. While Capcom sent word they were preparing a patch to servers for improvements and preparation for the launch, it’s still worrisome that over multiple days not a single match was found. This is mostly disappointing because for the first time in years, I wanted to play a fighting game online, and was ready to get dealt a beating, but thought it’d be fun to see what it was like. I’ll probably still go back, but it’s just not the first impression you want a game making, and could permanently turn off players on the fence much like I was.

In addition to the Online, Story, and Trainer modes, players can go up in Survival – a ten round affair available for each player and at multiple difficulties[edit: survival mode at differing difficulties has more rounds]. Survival mode rounds end with a choice for the players where they can spend points earned to recover health, V-Gauge fills, and more. Each time players complete a characters leg they’ll unlock some sort of costume variant – same result as beating their stories. These variants are in color only, but typically mix things up enough to be a bit of fun, but also not rewards that really feel all that special.

The game is getting a bevy of upgrades, patches and releases post-launch – which if we’re being optimistic could be a sign that Capcom plans to support the game for a while. Capcom is putting out six new characters who can be unlocked via in-game currency (the publisher claims this is earned free of charge or player purchase) called Fight Money. Zenny is another currency in the game which can indeed be purchased with your hard earned real-money in the shop, but wasn’t available pre-launch to report on pricing. Also omitted but slated to come down the pipe are Spectator Mode, Challenge Mode, and Daily Challenges – the latter two coming in March with Spectator Mode only hinted at as “soon after launch”. The online woes and missing modes for the time being are frustrating but can’t go without the mention that Capcom will be piping in a deal of content over the next year. While it’s easy to say that this could fix things and make it a truly impeccable package and example of fan/audience service, I can’t judge the game on things that have not happened yet.

Super Cheap Xbox 360 Games

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