Net Neutrality Threatened by Trump Administration

Tom Wheeler, the former chair of the FCC, used his final speech before stepping down to warn businesses and consumers that their choice of cloud services and business applications could be severely limited if the incoming administration strikes down the 2015 open internet order that he and his group put in place. This order positioned the FCC’s net neutrality regulation that prevents Internet Service Providers from slowing or blocking traffic on their networks. This gives all traffic equal opportunity and speed and prevents network favoritism.

Wheeler also showed concern for the Internet of Things, an area of economic growth that is quickly becoming top of mind to many businesses and policy makers in Washington.

“[T]he growth of the internet of things is another area that depends on the open connectivity of those things,” Wheeler said. “If ISPs can decide arbitrarily which IoT device can be connected, or favor their own IoT activity over their competitors, the bright future of IoT dims.” Wheeler continued, “As everything goes into the cloud, the ability to access the cloud free of gatekeepers is essential. If ISPs get to choose which applications and clouds work better than others in terms of access, speed and latency, they will control the cloud future,”.

Wheeler’s position may not be a surprise now but given his past as a lobbyist for the cable and wireless sector his support of net neutrality may come as a shock.

Bill Wilson, a consultant for Broadband Landing, said, “Wheeler may be underplaying the seriousness of the situation. Net Neutrality is the biggest deal that no one really understands. If consumers and small businesses actually realized what the internet would look like after it was bought and sold by large corporations that was be worried. This would be all that was being talked about.”

Wheeler has the same question many businesses do, namely will Trump dismantle a policy that is clearly working? With republicans openly opposed to net neutrality things do seem dire for the policy.

Wheeler’s speech not only acts as a warning to the incoming administration but also clearly attempts to widen the scope of the net neutrality debate as a whole. Consumer impact of the open internet order is almost always the lead in any discussion of net neutrality but here Wheeler’s focus was on the danger to businesses and their increasing use of cloud computing. Interruption or the slowing of these services is a bit more destructive than a video playing slow. Businesses might be required to completely change back office management systems. A company like could have their customer base divided between users that have an ISP that allows their traffic and ISP’s that won’t. Situations of this type could be repeated across many business services. If AT&T buys a firm that provides CMS to sales and marketing groups, it is not unthinkable that they would show preference to this firm over others.

Wheeler specifically calls out Verizon and AT&T for the “zero rating” programs that give some companies free access by not charging customers for the data they use. While this isn’t the feared “Fast Lane” net neutrality has been trying to avoid, it may actually be worse.

Wheeler finished his speech with, “It now falls to a new set of regulators, to a new FCC and to those who advocate before it and the Congress to determine the road that they want to take from here,” Wheeler said. “We are at a fork in that road. One path leads forward and the other leads back to relitigating solutions that are demonstrably working.”
While the fork in the road analogy fits, it’s actually a bit more drastic than Wheeler makes it seem. One road leads forward and the other leads back a decade and then off a cliff into a hole filled with alligators.

For more information about the largest high speed Internet providers in the United States, you can visit at

Reaper’s Gaming Reviews: Watch Dogs

Title: Watch Dogs
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: Action-adventure/Third-person shooter/Stealth/Open world
Engine: Disrupt
Platforms: PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4/Wii U/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC
Year: 2014
Watch Dogs

Hype is a horrible fatigue in our worlds, and developers and publishers never cease turning it to their advantage. We are often given promises of big, world-changing features and formats, yet in the end, 90% of them appear to be total rubbish. In gaming, this is hardly new new, and it’s common that the creators of highly anticipated games deliver only half (or much, much less) of what they promised, see Almost Human, Fable, Haze, Halo 5: Guardians and The Order: 1886 for example.

And here we have Watch_Dogs, a game that received unrivaled hype when it was first unveiled in 2012, turned its fanbase into crybaby kids when it was pushed from its original 2013 release, and then opened up to some of the more polarized critical reactions of 2014.

To quote Yahtzee on the matter: “The hype train for Watch_Dogs had all the grace and subtlety of a 19th-century steam locomotive dangerously overloaded with jizz cannons and jizz cannon maintenance equipment. Which, as we’ve often learned, can be the warning sign that the publishers don’t have a lot of faith in the game being able to stand upon its own merits.” A bunch of gamers were heavily disappointed by it while others thought it was okay or good. What do I think of it? Bad? Good? Meh? Let’s see.
Setting & Story

Watch Dogs takes place in a modern-day Chicago, where a system known as “ctOS” operates and manages the hyper-connected city. You play as Aiden Pearce, a hacker with the ability to use the ctOS for his own advantage, while searching for the men responsible for his niece’s death several months prior to the game’s events.

To be honest, the story is really not the hook here; it’s gloomy, cliched, predictable and dull. It’s a revenge tale with little true emotion or great characters. Aiden himself is a bland and dull protagonist mimicking the iconic gruff “Batman” voice while at the same time sharing the monologues of loss and progress. I don’t mind a lead character’s monologue now and then, but a good monologue is one told by an interesting protagonist and one with at least a little sense of wit and a fitting dark humor; Max Payne is also a gruff man burdened with harsh tragedies and loud thoughts, for example, but at least he is a deep, multi-layer character that was carefully written and treated by his creators, and also didn’t mind to include some sharp and witty remarks between his mourning and shooting.

The rest of the characters don’t fare much better either; most are just there because the plot demands it or because we needed more assholes for the mix. The only real exception is the bat-shit insane, sort-of mentor of Aiden throughout the latter half of the game, T-Bone; here’s a guy who is sharp, funny, smart, cynical but not without heart. He steals the show in almost every scene he appears in and is undoubtedly the highlight of the cast. Give this guy a gam- OH, WAIT!

I will admit that the villains are not terrible, either, relatively speaking of course; they’re not particularly memorable but are much more entertaining to observe and learn about than our wooden protagonist.

And I might be too critical on the story, but I do appreciate its seemingly effort to tackle nowadays themes such as social media, cyber terrorism and the the threat of technology on privacy. Those

However, as I said earlier, the plot is nothing special. It paints itself as a dark, tragic revenge story, and sure it has its moments here and there like when Aiden finds his nephew has been watching Aiden’s recent slaughter of security guards, but really, it only serves as an excuse to hold the game and the set pieces together. If you want a good revenge story, you might just go check Assassin’s Creed II, which is somewhat funny to recommend it; Ubisoft could very well take some cues from its earlier hit, or at least recycle Ezio’s personality to Aiden’s boring plank of a character.

Tl;dr? It takes itself too seriously, especially when considering how uninspired and cliched the story is.
Gameplay & Design

The core gameplay, not including the hacking element, of Watch_Dogs can be best described as future Assassin’s Creed with a few Grand Theft Auto features thrown in, although that wouldn’t be very fair to Watch_Dogs to say; in these days, all sandbox games feel a tad similar to each other.

The hacking element is the selling feature of Watch Dogs; with a small click of a button you can cause some disturbances, explode electric boxes, swiftly steal bank accounts and the list goes on. It’s a simple mechanic, yes, and it doesn’t get evolved behind somewhat generic level ups and the like, but it is very effective in action.

It gives you a surprising high level of choice when approaching your next objective, and whether you choose stealth or full-on gunfights, the hacking button proves to be critical in both situations. It can also lead to hilarious moments once one of these meat bags get close enough to your trap. “Hold on, Dave, why does the can machine randomly throw out some cola cans here? Oh, that’s a nice electronic box. Help pick up my body parts now, Dave.”

The ability to use cameras to spy on areas beyond your view and the usage of different objects scattered through the environment certainly adds more depth and dimension to the game’s action, which in turn helps separate it from the rest of its fellow third-person shooter sandboxes. I appreciate it when a game also makes you plan how to approach your enemies, and consider your surroundings to be an ally and a weapon, too. Although the shooting somewhat pales when it happens, and the entire thing drops to the usual cover-based shooter game we’re used to once we get discovered. That said, the shooting mechanics are solid.

I’ll tell you what is not solid, though: them driving mechanics! I’m trying to understand the idea behind developers locking the driving camera in a forward-facing position. I’m sorry for harming your feelings, Watch Dogs, but I do want to take a brief damn look at that drunk helicopter chasing me down while I’m trying to escape! Christ, obviously Watch Dogs went to the same driving lessons Sleeping Dogs went to.

Also, would it really kill Ubisoft to include a drive-by shooting mechanic? I understand you want people to use the hacking gadget to escape, Ubisoft, and I do appreciate the idea of trying to do something other than shooting like a smallpox-dying baboon, but that really hampers a lot of the chasing sequences.

Given it’s a sandbox game, Watch Dogs is packed with several side missions and features. Of course, by the same token, it suffers from the usual sandbox paradox of having a world disconnected from its story. That said, those activities are a lot of fun all things considered. I particularly enjoyed all the gang hideouts bits, where I fuck around murdering entire hordes of morons while one of them has to be kept alive. The stopping crime missions are surprisingly fun, as well, during which you have to stop a crime before it occurs. That said, I find them somewhat ridiculous with how they fail if you interrupt the soon-be criminal a second before the crime occurs, during which he goes “Well, you ruined all the fun, dumbass, I lost my mood for some law-breaking.”

Best PC Gaming Mouse for the Money 2014

I recently purchased the latest version of the Razer DeathAdder, the 2013. Razer fixed some of the small problems with previous versions while not getting rid of what made it so great.
I recently purchased the latest version of the Razer DeathAdder, the 2013. Razer fixed some of the small problems with previous versions while not getting rid of what made it so great.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to my gaming gear. You can argue as to whether or not some of it actually affects your performance, but I feel that a good gaming mouse truly does. This is especially true for twitch-sensitives games in a competitive tournament setting.

Choosing and Understanding Your Grip Style:

A good gaming mouse fits your grip style like a glove. Claw grippers will want something more tight like the CM Storm Spawn while palm grippers rely on a somewhat lengthier body style like the Razer DeathAdder.

Palm grips tend to add longevity to game play while claw can add some accuracy when used correctly. Many pro gamers change their grip depending on the game or map they’re playing.

Should you Choose Optical or Laser?

If you want the most accurate gaming mouse, then you’ll go with one that’s optical. Laser mice have built-in acceleration which can often lead to miss clicks, but can be advantageous in certain MOBA and RTS games.

DPI is important but shouldn’t be your only criteria:

Most professional gamers use under 3,000 DPI. While you may feel the need to have over 6,000 you truly lose some accuracy when you go above 1,600. It’s more important to base your decision on your sensor rather than your mouse’s overall DPI. Finding a mouse with on-the-fly adjustment is best in scenarios where you need to lower your DPI for certain situations.
Voted Best FPS Gaming Mouse 2014
My Experience with the Razer DeathAdder 2013

When I’m working I actually don’t prefer to use this mouse. The scroll wheel and ergonomics, for me, don’t seem to work out as well as a mouse like the G9X or G500. That being said when I’m playing time-sensitive games it’s the one I like to use.

We all know that the DeathAdder is the world’s most popular gaming mouse, but really there’s a lot of good reasons for that. The new 2013 version has a 4GHz infrared sensor (optical) which is as accurate as they come.

Improvements to the 2013 version also include rubber side grips which really seem to help when you’re gaming over long periods of time.

For more of my FPS picks check out this post on the best FPS gaming mouse.
5 stars for Razer DeathAdder 2013
Razer DeathAdder Essential – Ergonomic PC Gaming Mouse – Comfortable Grip
Razer DeathAdder Essential – Ergonomic PC Gaming Mouse – Comfortable Grip
Buy Now

Voted Best MMO PC Gaming Mouse for the money 2014

While twitch-sensitive gamers that play FPS or RTS games may focus on accuracy, MMO gamers want functionality. In this space there are a lot of up and coming manufacturers that are trying to work there way into the market in 2014.

While the most popular MMO gaming mice on the market are probably the G600 and the Razer Naga, competitive companies like Redragon and UtechSmart have made solid budget alternatives with quality parts that include Omron switches and Avago sensors.

Logitech’s G600 is Still a Winner if it Stays Under or Around $50:

That being said, my favorite is still the Logitech G600 which has an appealing thumb grid and features 20 MM0-tuned buttons because it simply feels the most comfortable in my hand. This, in addition to Logitech’s quality for the item, makes it a mouse you can game with for a long time.
Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, Black
Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, Black
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Here’s a closeup look at the Anker gaming mouse (middle) compared to other popular gaming mice options including the Logitech G500(far left) and The Deathadder just to its left.
Here’s a closeup look at the Anker gaming mouse (middle) compared to other popular gaming mice options including the Logitech G500(far left) and The Deathadder just to its left.
Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under $50 for the Money 2014

Recently Anker contacted me and asked me if I’d review one of their standard gaming mice. The Anker CG100 is what they sent and honestly I was a bit pessimistic about it because I hadn’t really heard of the company before.

For $40 the price seemed right and the mouse itself looked nice online. What I actually got was much more than I bargained for. A cheap gaming mice with Omron Swithces an Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor and tons of customization.

Perhaps one of CG100’s greatest features are its fully customizable LED lights. You can change their logo breadth and depth and choose between one of 16 million colors.

The mouse itself fits nicely in my mid to large-sized hands and is very comfortable over long gaming sessions. Overall it’s probably not the mouse I’d recommend for an FPS competitive league; however, it was accurate enough for most other scenarios while being very reasonable on the price front.
Anker 8200 DPI High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse for PC, 9 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridges, Omron Micro
Anker 8200 DPI High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse for PC, 9 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridges, Omron Micro
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In the end the best gaming mouse for you all comes down to preference. Some gamers like a large mouse that covers their entire hand and has a lot of weight to it. Others prefer a small mouse that is easy to move around.

If you enjoyed this article on the best gaming mouse of 2014, then please comment below. If you feel that I should feature or make comments about another gaming mouse that you know about, then please let me know. Also see more gaming related hub links below.

How You Know You Are Becoming Addicted To Gambling

Gambling is fun, and a major thrill-ride.

In the gamblers world, that big win is the mother of all wins.

Because gambling so fun, and money is so great to have, it can cause a major problem in life.

The typical gambler have seen themselves win big once, now they know that they will win again.

And off they go, gambling in sweepstakes rooms, with scratch-offs, and picking lottery numbers in the hopes of winning. Every single day it is becoming more and more of a habit.

First, there is the need to gamble, then they feel they cannot live without gambling, and from here it can become an addiction.

Here are tell-tale signs that will show whether someone is on the road to becoming addicted to gambling.

National Council On Problem Gambling

Home – The National Council on Problem Gambling
responsible gaming, responsible gambling, internet gambling, internet standards, best practices, problem gambling

First Sign: Trade-Off Of Needs

Say you have a blinding taste for some dish you love.

You can afford to get the meal, whether you have to cook it or not.

What happens instead is, you don’t. You don’t because you want to gamble that money.

So, you take that money and spend it gambling.

For the rest of the day, you have no money and are literally hungry for that food you passed-up all day and night.

You are faced with a decision, suffer without that craving or use money designated for something else to quench your craving.

The first sign is the trade-off of needs.

Second Sign: Necessity Pass

Say for instance, you choose to gamble your gas money gambling. You leave with only $5.00 dollars.

Your vehicle is on E, which usually means your vehicle is nearly empty.

You stand at the gas station putting in the five dollars.

You barely get a gallon in a half, and you know you have to drive several miles through traffic to get to your job and home.

When you get to your job, you finish in a timely matter.

You are turning out of the building’s drive-way and heading home.

Upon waiting for the lights that all miraculously turn red every time you arrive at them, your gas light comes on again.

Your vehicle is sputtering, sort of jerking every time you arrive and stop at a light. Now you are scared, nervous and having a mini-anxiety attack.

You might run out of gas and end up walking home or troubling someone for help.

The idea that you would deal with this anxiety to gamble is the second sign.

It shows blatant disregard for important things and places what you want over what you need to do.

Third Sign: Obligation Pass

You need detergent to wash clothes. You need an oil change. You need food in the house; you may have a family.

But since you began getting more and more desperate for a win with those lucky numbers or casino machines and games, you realize, incredibly, what you need the most is to gamble.

The money you could get on this particular scratch off or these lottery numbers would take care of all your needs.

You end up winning nothing. You have to wait for another paycheck to what you need to do.

You go to work and your clothes stink. They have stains on them.

You got to wear damp hand-soaked socks because of your lack of investing in detergent.

Your vehicle has a weird sound coming from it and you smell an awful lot of antifreeze for some reason.

It looks as if you would rather this path to possible financial catastrophe than to stop gambling and spend that money on what you need.

This sign means you have placed gambling, what you love, at the forefront of responsibility which is a sign of addiction.

Last Sign: Screw Responsibility

You light bill is two months past due.

Your vehicle’s insurance is three months past due.

Your vehicle is being hidden over a friend’s house so the dealership can’t come and get it.

The bank account has been cleared out and over-drafted until a stop has been placed on it.

Your rent is a month past due.

The last eviction warning and rent request has been sent by your landlord or resident manager.

You are borrowing money from family and friends, and instead of paying the bills, you gamble the money.

You decide to pawn things in your house to pay bills when you cannot borrow anymore.

Upon doing this, you realize you don’t have many things of value.

The pawn shop doesn’t even give you over 200 dollars.

You are now moving into somebody’s house.

You will sleep in a guest bedroom or on the couch.

Upon seeing yourself in this situation, it is safe to say, you have officially become a gambling addict, and you have a problem.
All Bets Are Off: Losers, Liars, and Recovery from Gambling Addiction
All Bets Are Off: Losers, Liars, and Recovery from Gambling Addiction
Buy Now

Last Note

Gambling is fun.

This is all it is meant to be.

I think if you allow your mind to make it more than just good fun you could get in some real trouble.

We should all gamble, but only with spare money such as money you can afford to lose or waste.

We should draw the line between fun and bills.

If a person cannot or refuses to draw the line between fun and responsibility, they are truly growing a gambling addiction.

Sin City: The Las Vegas Guide

Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is one of the most popular travel destinations in the US both for business and for vacations. And despite the nickname, Sin City will cater just fine to adults looking to get away and to families who need appropriate entertainment for all ages. There’s a lot you can do in the free to low-cost range, but if price is no object, Las Vegas will be ready to get as luxurious as you need. Here are some tips to guide you through the wide range of casino, hotel, resort, golf and other entertainment attractions offered for the whole family.
Plan Your Sin City Trip Before You Get There – advice for saving time, money and personal energy

The distractions of Las Vegas are vast, so it can often be very helpful to get an idea of what you want to do and where you want to go before you get there.

If you’re going for business, remember… you’re going for business! When I work and play at the same time, I count backwards from important meetings, adding up time needed to eat, get dressed and get adequate sleep before work. Then I make myself a set shut-down time when I stop having fun and go back to getting some work done.

If you’re going with the kids, work in activities that are fun for both parents and children, and let everyone share in picking what goes into the schedule. Also don’t plan to do so much in one day that everyone just gets cranky and tired from running around.

If you’re going for gambling, set a budget and stick to it. If you walk around Vegas and keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll find it doesn’t take long to come across people who’ve just lost so much, they aren’t sure how they’re going to get home. And that’s just no fun at all.
Sin City For The Underaged – How to have fun in Las Vegas with children

Las Vegas Kids
The premier Las Vegas family portal, including listings for kid-oriented hotels and childcare options.
Las Vegas with Kids
Las Vegas with Kids by Elaine Sosa Although Las Vegas has worked hard to shed its sin city, high-roller image and package itself as a family-friendly destination, one question remains — is this really a good place to bring your kids? The answer, som
Lied Discovery Children’s Museum
Lied Discovery Children’s Museum, an interactive children’s museum for children of all ages!
Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel Resort and Casino
Visit the Circus Circus Las Vegas hotel resort and casino, features a family theme park, live circus acts, wedding chapel, gaming and RV park.
Las Vegas for Kids
Finding things to do in Las Vegas with your kids… las vegas activities for kids and adults. Your las vegas kids one stop vacation planner!
Guide to Vegas: The Teenager’s guide to attractions, theme parks and thrill rides in Las Vegas.

Surviving Sin City – Self-Care for the Las Vegas Visitor
The Las Vegas Strip, photo by Relache
The Las Vegas Strip, photo by Relache

A vacation in Vegas can actually be kind of exhausting as there is so much going on, it’s easy to get distracted and not take proper care of yourself. If you have a working visitor to Sin City, you need to take double-care of yourself. Here are a few simple tips that can up the comfort level and make it easier to extend your energy levels so you can keep having fun. Or get some work done if you absolutely have to.

Good shoes – This is the classic trick for almost all travel. The Strip can be like a parking lot on a busy night, so be ready to walk, a lot! It’s cheaper than cabs and helps you work off all those buffets too. Pick something with a flat sole and good support. Lacing shoes let you adjust for swollen feet.

A little trick from folks who work on their feet all day is before you go out at night change to a fresh pair of socks that are a little thinner than what you wore all day.

Water – Unless you live year-round in a desert, Las Vegas is going to dry you out. The heat outside and the air conditioning inside both leech out a lot of moisture. So do the free drinks.

Carry a water bottle with you if you’re going to do any walking around. If you’re parked at your fave blackjack table or poker machine, make every other drink you order be water.

Smoke – Non-smokers can have a rough time in Vegas, as it’s a town that caters to smokers. Or as one waitress asked a friend and I once, “Would you like smoking, or second-hand smoking?” She’d realized when she asked smoking or non from our stunned faces that she was dealing with Californians and made a cute joke that’s also very true out of it.

If you are a non-smoker going to Las Vegas, you can get non-smoking hotel rooms easily, but being in public space is going to be hard. You may want to limit your indoor casino activities during peak hours. Carrying water and eye drops can also help.

A “layer” – Going from the heat outside to the brisk air conditioning inside can be shocking, especially in those scorching Sin City summers, so taking along an extra shirt or sweater to be able to adjust is a great idea. If you’re susceptible to summer colds, it’s mandatory.

Ear plugs – Once I finally learned to travel with ear plugs, there were a whole range of low-level hotel hassles where I became self-sufficient for dealing with them. Noisy neighbors. Being put in a room over the hotel’s main showroom. Having a room right on a busy street. And especially that rattling but life-saving air conditioner. Plus, there’s no telling if you’ll stay on regular day/night hours or not once you start running all over town having fun.

Elopements and Shotgun Weddings – What happens in Vegas might follow you home if it was a wedding

Las Vegas doesn’t require a blood test or a waiting period for weddings, so once you and your sweetie get your marriage license, you are good to go. After decades of having a graveyard shift at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau, Sin City is changing that. As of September 1, 2006, you can only get marriage licenses from 8 a.m. to midnight. So while you can still get married in the middle of the night, you will have to have taken care of that one little detail ahead of time.

Young People In Danger From Cyberbullying Make A Change

If teenagers watch too much TV are they going to become violent? Just like lots of thoughtful experts thought, excessive childhood TV watching has been associated with long-range violent behaviors. I’m wondering if that is is turning kids into bullies. Is this my fault because I permitted them to watch too much TV? Those stupid video games certainly must have the same harmful impacts. I genuinely need to monitor how much time my kids are using with the computer and mobile phone. Per Nielsen, cell phone use by teenagers is absolutely pathetic.

I thought I was a good parent and knew what was going on until I found out that my son was cyber bullying. Kids bullying each other remains a serious problem and lots of parents are inquiring about what can be done about cyber bullying.

In truth the list of things your teens really shouldn’t be doing that have probable tragic repercussions is practically limitless. Have you ever said, “My child would never do that”? That is a quote from parents of adolescents that induced a 12 year old to commit suicide.

Remember there are loads of considerations I’d like to write about concerning teens and technological innovation, chiefly the web, mobiles and personal computers. These innovative luxuries step up the potential of health and safety risks in connection with Predators; Cyber Bully victims; Being Exposed to Bad Images; Addictive Usage and Repetitive Stress Injury; Distracted Driving; and revealing too much Personal Information. While you have a look at kids online experiences, do you actually give some thought to their cell phones? Mobile phones have evolved from simple communication devices to portable, mini computers. Smartphones feature operating systems like computers that let users to download apps. These programs allow users do things such as gain access to e-mail and play video games. Likewise, the majority of cellphones let users to transfer content from the Internet just like a computer. But bear in mind, mobile devices are generally more complex to supervise than a computer, and kids often use them without adult oversight. It is recommended to be sure to review your family web safety guidelines with your teens and be aware of the danger prior to permitting them to possess cellphones.

You can find the facts about what people are saying on their cellphones and also who they really are in conversation with and answers related to Smartphone Spy Phone.

If adolescents are engaged in harmful behavior are families liable? Who is responsible when teens are involved in hazardous behavior? Are mothers and fathers to blame? Do you believe that it is fundamental for fathers and mothers to be to blame for things their children are doing?

City Of Heroes And Villains – Game Review

City of Heroes is a computer game that allows you to interact with many other people. First, you choose an archetype of sorts, a hero for City of Heroes, and a villain for City of Villains, and then you get to design your own unique and special costume. You can even determine your own history or rise to being what you are today, creating a fictional account of your character which allows you to enrich the entire character.

In fact, that is one of the most important part of the game, the type of character you choose, as it is the one that will be going forth on the missions and what you choose will alter the destined path of your character and the outcome of the game. You can choose between origins, such as Natural, Magic, Science, Mutation, and Technology. By choosing what kind of origin your character had, you will then choose what kind of archetype your hero falls under, things like Blasters, Controllers, Defenders, Scrappers, and Tankers, each with their own traits of personalities and expertise.

When you begin the game, your main funds of points will come from how much experience you are able to gain, and all of this will come as you defeat your enemies and complete all the missions you are assigned and finish discovering and searching through the various zones. You will be able to improve your health and also gain various powers, too, all which contributes to your storage of points.

You will enjoy the entire game in the volatile and varied city of Paragon City, where war walls divide it up into regions that are hazardous and haggard. You will be able to travel to these different zones where you will combat against dangerous enemies and other kinds of vicious foes, if you are playing as a hero. You will be able to jog or sprint to the various places and you will have a great arsenal of powers to choose from, such as Super Speed, Super Jumping, and various other things like Flight, in some cases, as well.

You will also have more missions to complete, the more of a participant that you are. For instance, if you are a hero, you might have a task force that you are a part of, and if you are a villain you will have a strike force. Once you are on one of these teams, your group will have certain assignments to fulfill and no one else may join or help you. Thus, the entire team will be responsible for getting the work done in a unified fashion and will continue till it has been finished. You will be able to get different sets of powers, as well, and together with your team you will work to perform raids, either along with heroes and villains, or separately.

Since the game was inspired by the comic books where superheroes worked together, the game strongly relies upon this sense of shared unity and teamwork and that is why this computer game allows you to get very interactive with other players all over the world.

3 Simple Rules To Win Bingo More Often

Bingo is a game of chance and luck. Your luck or streaks of luck can be easily improved just by following three simple rules. While these rules will not guarantee a win each time you play, you should win a lot more and more often by improving your chance.

Eventhough these rules are quite simple, most Bingo players do not follow them. These same rules apply regardless what specific type of Bingo rule it may be – such as four corners win or in attempting to cover all spaces.

• Rule #1. The first and one of the most important rules at winning Bingo is to attend games where you may select your own Bingo cards. This gives you the ability to look at the numbers because the numbers do make a difference. The law of averages indicates most numbers should be called three or more times in an evening. Yet time and time again, they are not. So, do not pick out (or accept) cards with these numbers on them.

• Rule #2. Do not buy any more cards than you can handle efficiently (from your past Bingo experiences), even when offered at discount or for free – stick to this rule, always.

• Rule #3. Make sure you can hear the “caller” clearly. Pay attention to the “calls” at all times. When you “miss” a call because you can not hear or you are not paying attention – it greatly reduces your chances to win. Do not play at all if you can not get a seat close enough to the “caller” or the loud speaker to hear every number clearly.

You will be surprise to find how much these simple rules can help you, even on the hardest Bingo game. If you can follow these simple but proven rules at all time when you play, you should get more than your fair share of winning.

You must follow these three rules consistently and you will win far more frequently than you ever did. Do not play with the feeling that you should always win. Instead, study these rules and remember to use them all the time when you play. Play and have fun, you will win more often and enjoy the game

10 Responsible Gaming Tips For Online Bingo Players

Let’s face it, when it comes to gambling, online bingo is considered to be on the softer side when compared to poker and other popular casino games.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice responsible gambling playing your favorite bingo games online.

So, how can you enjoy the excitement of online bingo in a fun and safe way? Well here are some tips we’ve put together to help you out:

Try and establish limits for purchasing, wagering and even losses before you begin playing
If you notice gambling interfering with your daily responsibilities, back away
Try to avoid alcoholic beverages while you play online. Excessive alcohol will certainly dull the senses and cause you to make choices that you wouldn’t make otherwise.
Remember gambling is not a quick way to riches or any means of recouping your debt
Never chase losses. If you lose money, it’s best to walk away. Trying to get back what you lost increases your chance of getting a bigger hole
Keep track of time. This is more important for none bingo games like video slots where you can loose track of time quickly. By keeping taps on the length of time you’re playing, you can tell how long it takes you to lose a certain amount of money. If you lose what you can afford to lose in the first hour, it’s probably time to go home.
Be sure to take the sample 20 questionnaire on the Gamblers Anonymous website
If you’re stressed and depressed don’t escape to gambling. Instead take up new hobbies that help you get out of the house more often and learn new traits.
If you play bingo online, try to join sites with your friends and be open with each other and make a pack that you practice responsible gaming together.
Always quite while you’re ahead.

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Responsible Gaming

It doesn’t matter what activity we are participating in, we should show responsibility at all times. Casino gaming is one of the activities and one that can cause much harm and damage to our lives, our families and our friends; not just ourselves.

Responsible gaming is an essential part of every gamer’s life. It should be taken into strict consideration prior to playing slots, blackjack, poker and the like. The question should always arise – can I afford this? Blowing off money that can’t be afforded or even worse a complete house is bad news!

I was once told a tale of a casino worker. This casino worker wasn’t just someone I knew of, she was a relative with a hidden secret. Her secret was hidden even from her husband. Trusted friends and her other close relatives did know. After work she would hit the slot machines. Most weeks she would get credit, by the time pay day came all her pay was gone. She substituted her pay by getting credit cards to hide the missing pay from her husband, soon these credit cards totalled over 50 thousand dollars! She was to get horrid news that she either paid it back or they were ceasing the family home. She became more then stressed and in-fact suffered a stroke which may have partially been caused by this high amount of stress. She spoke to a family member who helped ease the burden of paying back the money. She works till this day, she is almost 70.

Responsible gaming laws restrict the credit of money to gamers. This is a one off case (although there are many in theory). They also pursue those who appear to be spending over their budget. When it comes to online gaming it is a different story. Online gaming sites do not have the ability to check what you are spending and who you are. It is more than important for you to read the responsible gaming information which is in general provided by every online gaming site and PROTECT YOURSELF.

Gaming can become addictive; some people do not have the will to stop themselves. You should ask yourself if you are one of these people. Many gamers gamble as their chosen field, online gaming is their income. Other gamers do some casual online gaming as a bit of fun. Some gamers however do it despite their continual losing streaks due to their addiction.

If you cannot be a responsible gamer, if gaming is getting to you financially, emotionally and sometimes even physically, if gaming is destroying your life, finances and your relationships then you should take immediate action. There are many places that aid people who are no longer responsibly gamers. Places who counsel include gamblers help lines and gamblers anonymous online poker sites do have contacts in their responsible gaming sections if you need help. Please read the necessary information on your chosen gaming website. It is an important gaming aspect.Don’t let gaming ruin your life. Be a responsible gamer!

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